Our Identity

Our Identity


To fully support the weight of the world.


Support the passions that carry the world forward.


Answer Every Need

We do not leave any work undone. We will fulfill our promise to meet every need, because our work is the foundation for our society.

Build Trust

It takes a lifetime to build trust, but only takes a moment to lose it all. The 80 years of trust from our customers is our greatest asset, and we will continue to build on their trust.

Customer First

We listen carefully to our customer’s needs and respond by first asking ourselves “how can we accomplish it?” then find solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.


Our “Customer First Philosophy” has never changed.

Shitaya was founded in 1941 by my father, Shigeji Takauji, in Shitaya (present-day Ueno), Tokyo. During the post-war restoration, the company began to handle wire ropes, which were indispensable for rebuilding the social infrastructure, and he quickly established a nationwide sales network. I grew up watching my father's back. I remember what my father valued most was the "customer first" philosophy. This philosophy has taken root as the "spirit" of Shitaya today. I believe that it is my mission to pass on Shitaya to our future generations. All of us at Shitaya will continue to work together to carry the mantle to deliver "trust and satisfaction" by providing solutions to every customer need.

CEO Hideko Takauji



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