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06.15.2021 Wire Rope

the rope is reffered to in terms of construction, laying of rope, lay direction, whether bright or galvanized, the kind of rope grease, diameter, grade, breaking load, length and reels.

Expressing these in words and numbers would make the designations too lengthy and complex and so this company is using the following symbols.



Kind of core, Number of strands × Lay symbol of the strand, Number of wires per strand

Moreover, in the case there is a product symbol, the symbol is placed at the front (for example, this is T in the case of Tough-Rope).


Symbol for the kind of core

Kind of core Symbol Remarks
Fiber core Usually not used Refer to designation examples 1 and 2
Strand core Usually not used In the case the construction of the core strand differs from that of the strand for the rope itself, a symbol is used for expressing this construction(see example 3). In the case the construction is the same, in place of showing IWSC, this is shown as “the number of strands of the rope itself +1” in the “number of strands” column (see example 4)
Rope core IWRC(Independent Wire Rope Core)
CFRC(Center Fit Wire Rope Core)
In the case the core rope is other than 7×7 the composition is also shown (see example5) and in the case the core rope is 7×7 the construction of the core rope may be omitted in the parentheses ( ) (see example 6)


Lay symbol for strand

Lay method Cross lay Parallel lay
Symbol General Flat type Seale type Warrington type Filler type Warrinton Seale type Semi-Seale type
No symbol  F  S  W  Fi  WS  SeS

(Note) The total number of wires per strand is shown but of the flat type rope, apart from the Mono-Rope, the triangular strand rope is disassembled and expresses (see example 7)

Designation examples


(2)Lay direction of rope, etc.

The direction of lay, whether galvanized or not and the kind of rope grease used are abbreviated in Table 6.

Bright or Galvanized Lay Ordinary lay Lang’s lay
Z lay S lay Z lay S lay
Kind of rope grease Red Black Red Black Red Black Red Black
Bright  O/O  C/O  O/S  C/S  O/L  C/L  O/LS  C/LS
Galvanized  G/O  GC/O  G/S  GC/S  G/L  GC/L  G/LS  GC/LS

1.Laying of rope: The Lang’s lay is shown as L and the ordinary lay as O.
2.Direction of lay: In the case of the Z lay, no symbol are used while in the case of S lay, S is used.
3.Bright or galvanized: In the case of naked, no symbols are used, while in the case of galvanized the letter G is used.
4.Kinds of rope grease: Black rope grease is shown as C, while red rope grease is shown as O, However, in the case of galvanized ropes, the O is omitted. Moreover, in the case of the slip prevention grease, V is used and for fishing industry used the letter T or TN is used.


(3)Grades (breaking load)

Grade E, grade G, grade A, grade B special grade or breaking load are expressed in “kN”



The rope diameter is expressed in “mm”.



The rope (one drum)is expressed in “m”.


(6)Rope designation examples

(a)6 strands of 19 wires, fiber core, naked, red rope grease, ordinary lay, Z lay, Grade A, rope diameter 20mm, length 500m, 2 reels, shown as: 6×19 O/O 20mm Grade A 500mx2

(b) 6 strands of 37 wires, fiber core, galvanized, red rope grease, ordinary lay, Z lay, Grade G, rope diameter 16mm, length 200m 5 reels 6×37 G/O 16mm Grade G 200mx5

(c)Filler type 6 strands of 29 wires, rope core, galvanized, black rope grease, Lang’s lay, S lay, Grade B rope diameter 30mm, length 1,500m, 1 reel as: IWRC 6xFi(29) GC/LS 30mm Grade B 1,500m


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