Rope diameter / Length

06.15.2021 Wire Rope

Rope diameter

Among rope diameters, there is the nominal diameter and actual diameter (diameter actually measured) and, in principle, for JIS G 3525 (called to as JIS herein) the standard number (JIS Z 8601) is employed.

On the other hand, as shown in Fig. 10, the actual diameter is the measurement of the circumscribed circumference and is expressed in mm.

The tolerance on rope diameter shall be +0 +10% for the diameter less than 10mm and +7% 0% for that equal to or more than 10mm, according to JIS. This company is making ropes with a diameter of up to 200mm, depending on the construction of the rope.

Fig. 10・Measurement of rope diameter


The length of the rope is generally set at 200m, 500m and 1,000m but a longer length can be made on request.

On the other hand, ropes that weight up to 120 tons are being made, depending on the construction of the rope.


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