Kinds of coating / Greasing

06.15.2021 Wire Rope

Kinds of coating

Ropes are usually of the bright type but when a corrosion resistant nature is required the ropes are coated.

Among the kinds of coating, there is the zinc coating is used.

Apart from the general hot dip galvanizing, this company is using a high corrosion resistant alloy-coating with zinc and aluminum, under the product name ZINCAL through a high speed coating method.

Both are receiving high evaluation for their superior corrosion resistant nature.

Apart from these , this company can make ropes with a special coating, on request.


Rope grease is applied to the rope at the time of manufacture to prevent corrosion and also to provide lubrication.

Great care is taken to apply the rope grease uniformly and so that it will penetrate to the core and strand, through an impregnation method.

The kind of grease applied will greatly influence the life of the rope.

Table 3 below show the number of bendings before a breaking arose, according to a fatigue test carried out by this company.

Among rope greases, there are the non-crystalline grease such as the Petrolatum and Micro Wax and the red rope grease whose principal ingredient is a special kind of bitumen, such as asphalt.

This company has manufactured a special rope grease that is superior in its rust prevention, lubrication, stability and safety.


Table 3・Cmparison of the fatigue characteristics of the rope, according to greased or non-greased

Grease condition Number of repeat bending
Up to the first breakage Up to 10% wire breakage per lay
2.05 2.15


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