Wire rope characteristics and construction

06.11.2021 Wire Rope


Wire ropes have a complicated structure. It is important to know the characteristics of rope when select and use.

The characteristics of the wire ropes differ from general iron and steel secondary products may be those below.
(1) High tensile strength
(2) Superior impact resistance
(3) Long items can be made (easy to transport)
(4) High flexibility (easy to handle)

On the other hand, There are short points such as (1) low coefficient of inelasticity (2) torque arising.
However, there is countermeasures , such as pretension for (1) and the use of non-rotating ropes for (2) .



The construction of rope differes depending on the number of strands, the number of the wires in the strands and wheter it is of a fiber core, or of rope core.

As shown in Fig.1, the rope is made through stranding several to several tens of wires and closing the strands normally six strands around a core in a prescribed pitch.


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