Type of lay

06.14.2021 Wire Rope

(1)Direction of lay

As concerns the direction of laying the rope and the strand, there is the Z lay and the S lay.
The rope shall be made of the Z lay and the strand products of the S lay, if there is no specific needs.


(2)Laying of rope

In laying of rope, there is the ordinary lay and the Lang’s lay.

(a)Ordinary lay (or regular lay)

The lay of the rope and the lay of the strands are in opposite directions

(b)Lang’s lay

The lay of the rope and the lay of the strands are in the same direction.

(c)Comparison of the characteristics

Comparison of the characteristics which inevitably arises from the differences in laying of rope are as shown in Table 1.


Table 1・Comparison of the characteristics by laying of rope

Items Ordinary lay Lang’s lay
Appearance The wires are approximately parallel to the axis of the rope. The wires form a certain angle with the rope axis.
Merits Kinks do not form easily and is easy to handle. The lays are tight and the form does not crumble. The wires appearing on the surface are long and superior in wear resistance. Flexibile and has good fatigue resistance nature.
Demerits Inferior in wear resistance nature and fatigue resistance nature compared to the Lang’s lay. The rope has a large torque and forms kinks easily


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